Farmers Land Food GmbH is certified as a trading company in conformity with IFS Broker rules. In selecting suppliers, we always ensure that they, too, are certified to international standards, such as ISO, IFS or BRC, and implement and maintain corresponding quality management systems. Quality assurance is taken care of by a closely meshed system of monitoring in Germany, Asia and America, plus collaboration with laboratories worldwide. Farmers Land Food GmbH operates in conformity with the principles of sustainability. Therefore, if desired, fish and shrimp/prawn products can be ASC and GlobalGap certified. Additionally, Farmers Land Food GmbH holds EU organic certification.

  • The quality and food safety management system of the Farmers Land Food GmbH is based, in accordance with the requirements of the IFS Broker, on a circumferential hazard and risk analysis
  • The HACCP team reviews all quality and food security-related processes and defines, together with the head of management, critical control points (CCPs) and quality control points (QKPs)
  • All suppliers are subject to a careful selection, control and evaluation.
  • Fixed local contact (24 h accessibility) and regular spot checks by employees of Farmers Land Food GmbH
  • The Farmers Land Food GmbH works almost exclusively with certified suppliers and service providers